Waterton Real Estate Information

A small town located in the forests just outside of the capital, Waterton, Colorado, lies about 35 miles southwest of Denver. There are approximately 2,000 residents within a seven-kilometer radius of the town. Waterton is located outside of the I-470 loop of highway that surrounds Denver and its nearby cities. The town is located at the southern tip of Chatfield State Park, and lies within the confines of Jefferson County.

Waterton is known for the Waterton Canyon on the Colorado Trail, where mountain bikers flock to ride the trail out of the canyon and up to its high point above the South Platte River. The area offers great fly-fishing opportunities and animals graze about the area, including deer, mule and bighorn sheep.

The town is, like the rest of the region, in the Mountain time zone. It is located high above sea level, with an elevation of more than 5,500 feet. Waterton is north of Pike National Forest and north of the Platte Canyon Reservoir. Sometimes it is looped in with Kassler in the minds of others, a nearby town of the same small size. Most residents work in Denver and its surrounding areas and commute out for work or school but prefer to live in a more secluded community.

Nearby to Waterton is the Air Force Plant PJKS, which is enveloped by a 4,700-acre tract of land that Lockheed Martin owns. Children of school age who live in Waterton attend schools in the Jefferson County Public Schools district, located nearby in larger towns. Residents are often fans of sports teams who call Denver their home, since they are so close to it. These include the Denver Broncos of the NFL, the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, the Colorado Rockies of MLB and the Colorado Avalanche of NHL.