Conifer Real Estate Information

A mid-sized mountainous city, Conifer, Colorado, is found about 40 miles southwest of Denver, located along U.S. Route 285 in the foothills west of the capital. It is entirely located within the boundaries of Jefferson and Park counties and lies just outside of James Q Newton Park and is home to a population of nearly 14,000 residents. The town is full of sunshine, with more than 250 sunny days on average each year, annual rainfall of just over 15 inches and snowfall of over 60 inches per year, ensuring plenty of opportunities for sledding and playing in the snow in the winter months.

Conifer was founded in the 1860s, during which it was known as Bradford Junction, a stop on the stagecoach route to South Park. A tavern, rest house and general store were established to cater to the stagecoach customers passing through the town, but these floundered by the 1890s, when the stagecoach route was replaced by railroads. By the 1920s, the town had become known as Conifer, named for its outdoor mountain setting and known for the amount of wildlife roaming about the area. For a long time, the community was primarily a ground for cattle ranching, and some farms still operate today in the southern area of the town. The town has experienced a bit of commercial growth and development within recent years.

The population inhabiting Conifer seems to be relatively new to the area, with estimates showing that 50 percent of the population has come to the city only as recently as 1995, and 75% coming no sooner than 1990. The city is a bit older and better off financially than others of its size in the state, with an average income of $100,000 and a median age of over 40, compared with the state average of 34. Most of the town's residents -- nearly three-quarters -- are employed in the Denver area and commute in to work.

The town is home three lodges/bed and breakfasts, six banks, and attractions such as Conifer’s StageDoor Theater, Conifer Recreation Center the Evergreen Golf Course, the Lake House at Evergreen Lake and Midway House at Meyers Ranch, built in 1889 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Celebrations thrown annually include the Conifer Mountain Music Festival and a Brewfest. Students attending public schools go two routes depending on the county in which they reside. Those in Jefferson County attend either Elk Creek Elementary School or West Jefferson Elementary School and then continue on to West Jefferson Middle School and Conifer High School. Those in Park County attend the system that includes Deer Creek Elementary School, Fitzsimmons Middle School and Platte Canyon High School. Additionally, there is the Montessori School of Evergreen to provide an alternative option for parents.