Franktown Real Estate Information

A tiny enclave of a town, about seven miles east of I-25, 40 miles south of Denver and 50 miles north of Colorado Springs, Franktown, Colorado, is home to 150 residents here in north-central Colorado. The town is a census-designated place and is located entirely within the boundaries of Douglas County. Its median household income is just over $60,000 and it encompasses an area of less than one square mile. It is a rural community, with a population density of only 176 people per square mile, sitting atop an elevation of more than 6,000 feet above sea level.

The town is a crossroads with a couple cafes, a Mexican restaurant and a few gift shops. There is also a museum filled with information on the area's history, which is located inside an old one-room school house. Its exhibits include old farming tools, artifacts from the area's old mining days, archeological finds and more. The town is a popular stop for bikers -- both of the motorized and the traditional kind -- as they travel through the many paths and trails in the region. There are several miles of hiking trails in the area and plenty of rock-climbing points.

north of Castlewood Canyon State Park features sheer canyon walls, rolling trails and the remains of the century-old Castlewood Canyon Dam. A local Grange hall is one of the town's most famous locations, a building from 1905 that once housed the 19th-century political and social farm club, and a historical marker explains its significance.

The smaller Whispering Pines Park is located nearby and give residents a place to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. The nearest hospital is 21 miles away, in Aurora, and there are plenty of medical centers located within the greater region. Students living in the area can attend one of two public elementary schools and two private schools. Middle and high schools are located in larger towns nearby.