Foxfield Real Estate Information

A tiny enclave of a town in western Arapahoe County, Foxfield, Colorado, is about 25 miles southeast of Denver, just within the confines of the I-470 loop surrounding the greater Denver area. The town home to a population of around 750 as of 2000 census figures. Foxfield was incorporated in 1994 and stands today at an area of 1.3 square miles. The area is part of what was once the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, and was originally inhabited by Native Americans, including members of the Kiowa, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

The first development in the region that now makes up the town was known as Arcadian Acres. The biggest industries in Foxfield are construction, education, finance/insurance, and professional services. There are no schools within the town, but children attend schools in nearby cities, and there is a community college 10 miles away in Aurora. The town is generally more well-off than most, with a median family income of $117,255 in 2000. Most residents own their homes, as 96% of the housing in the town is owner-occupied. Homes are required to consist of at least two acres, which keeps the town from expanding too rapidly and helps it maintain its small-town feel.

There is a small commercial district in Foxfield, with a strip mall known as the "Barn Store." Other shopping locations nearby the town include Valley Country Club and Arapahoe Crossing. Each year, the town hosts an annual July 4th parade and town BBQ. The town is not far from Centennial Medical Plaza, where residents can have all of their medical services provided, and is also near to Arapahoe County Regional Park.